About us

About Us

Enark Discover is a one-stop solution after school program created for children and youth aged 3yrs to 16yrs. Since 2 decades Enark Discover has enthusiastically trained more than 10000 children through its progressive after-school curriculum largely based on the ‘holistic development’ of children.

Holistic education is concerned with the development of the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative, and spiritual potentials of an individual. Holistic learning honors life experience. Enark Discover’s After School Program strives to create complete individuals through the virtues of this type of teaching. The mission is to provide a well-balanced life education and experience.

Holistic Education


20 Years of Experience

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Awards & Recognition

These words truly summaries the efforts, consistency, determination, perseverance and passion that has been motivating us, for the past 18 years. Enark Discover has been doing some great things to elevate the field of After-School Programs, and have received many honors’ in recognition of the same.


25th March, 2017

Best Innovative After School Model

27th May, 2017

Innovative Practices In Development For Kids Through ICT & Application Based Learning


Best After School Curriculum Of The Year

31st May, 2017

India Innovation & Excellence Summit 2017


ECE Influencer Of The Year

16th Feb, 2017

Most Innovative Holistic Development Centre For Kids In Pune

23rd April, 2017

Best IT And Application Based Learning Centre In Pune


National Core Committee Member – APER

Jan, 2017

Excellence In Business Leadership

14th Oct, 2017

Felicitation By BSCOER College
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