Corporate Programs

Our Corporate Program

Enark Discover has been a fore runner in Corporate Programs for over two decades. We offer diverse, innovative, and customized solutions for various HR engagements that foster employee contentment. We are popular within the corporate fraternity for conducting Family Day Events, Holiday Camps, Edutainment Experiences, Celebrations, CSR Program set for small and large audiences of children by our dept and experienced team.
Our programs come under the umbrella of TEAMSS Ed, a novel concept of Enark Discover that merges STEAM Education with Skill Building programs. It wraps Life Skills Application Workshops, Creative Activities, Factory Visits, Entertaining moments, and Information in one package.

What We Offer ?

Edutainment Camps Celebrations CSR Activities
  • Summer / Winter Vacation Programs
  • Fun Edutainment
  • Workshops
  • Family Day Events
  • Edutainment Visits
  • Edutainment Experiences
  • Family Day
  • Founder's Day
  • Christmas & Other holi Day Celebrations
  • Workshops
  • Kidz Talent Club
  • Edutainment Visits
  • Edutainment Experiences
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